January 26, 2007

  • When you go to clean out cupboards and/or drawers do you find a particular type of thing runneth over?  What I mean is, something you've kept purchasing to use later but inevitably forget about so you buy more, put it right in the same place, forget about it, and repeat?

    I do, and in my case it's greeting cards. I could open a smallish card shop with all the cards I've hoarded! 

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  • I tend to do it with butter, of all things. I hate running out, and if it's on sale, I always have Jason get three or four pounds. It's so frightfully expensive when it's not on sale! And then two weeks later it's on sale again and I put it on the list...pretty soon Jason or Faron will say to me, "Is there a reason we have 12 pounds of butter in the fridge?"

    Um, no. But I know for a fact there's only two pounds there now, so I hope Giant's having a sale soon!

    I do it with various other things, too, but butter's the one that my guys remark upon. :)


  • Better butter than cards!

    Tastes better, does butter.

  • Olives and capers. Weird thing #7.

  • That is weird, Eleanor.

  • No, I never do that.  What's the matter with you people?  Especially that butter thing.

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