June 22, 2006

  • Jessica stopped by for a few minutes this afternoon (driving all the way over here, before having to head right back up to Fossil Creek to the Chili's at which she works) to see Brianna.  

    Turns out a couple of days ago she was given a card from a man who gets birds out of chimneys!  Is going to call me with the info.

    And she was very pleased to be able to give me one of her brand, spanking new business cards!  You know you've arrived when you've got company-issued business cards. 

    Brianna's a child of high energy (e-faint ) so I took her to the rollerskating rink where, with my inimitable timing, we arrived 20 minutes before it closed.  On the plus side, the owner kindly let Brianna skate for free.  While there I snagged a few photos:

    June2006 109
    June2006 110

    This one might need a little 'splaining.  You are doubtless familiar with the games played at these rinks?  Well, there was one called...no kidding....Dead Bug:

    June2006 111

    When "Dead bug!" is called, the skaters drop to the floor onto their backs, wave their arms and legs in the air and shriek.

    Brianna adored it.  A little after 5 p.m. Don surprised us by arriving home!  Normally he wouldn't arrive for another couple of hours.

    The reason?  He thought he'd take Brianna to the park.  What a super husband and granddaddy, huh? 

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