July 18, 2005

  • I thought the shower for Jill went right well.  She certainly got the goodies!  ;^)

    Signs of the times:  there was exactly ONE “wrapped with a bow”
    gift.  One.  All others were nestled in gift bags. 
    Well, it does cut down on the clutter and mess of traditional wrapping,
    but I rather miss seeing a pile of boxes of all different shapes and
    wrap and bows.

    But first, Gran holding her beloved Bryson Bunny. 

    My sister, Jeanne, my youngest daughter Jessica (mother of Brianna),
    Jill the Honoree, and my sister Elaine, who co-hosted the shower with
    me, and in whose new home it was held.

    One of Jill’s gifts was the book on baby signing with Marebear’s photo on the cover.  Good choice! 

    While opening the presents the attendees played Baby Bingo, wherein
    they first filled out blank bingo cards with what they thought Jill
    would receive, then hoped they’d get a straight line bingo:

    She was keeping track of both her own and Jill’s, not double-dipping. 

    Jessica was one of the winners . . . there was a three-way tie (what a mercy I brought extra prizes!).

    Jill couldn’t wait to try out the yellow ducky towel.

    Mom hard at work on the memory game (several baby things laid out on a
    table, studied for a few minutes, then one sees how many one remembers

    Here are the contenders in the “Which baby food IS that?” game. 
    The girl with the long dark hair, facing the camera, was the winner.

    After the shower Beth, Alex, and Hannah visited with us and had supper.  It was a lovely day!

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  • I’m so glad.
    That you have a xanga.
    I’m tired of having all these teenagers on here.
    It’s awesome.
    May I subscribe?

    kisshugkisshug Mike’s little Bro.

  • Looks like it was a good shower.  Fun games :)

  • I love wrapping presents, especially for things like showers where lots of people will appreciate the extra effort! ;)

    Shallow, I know, but it’s true. I do gift bags, too, but I still wrap a good many gifts, especially for children. They love trying to guess what’s inside.

    It looks like it was a good shower. Congrats.

    And you do have lovely grandchildren, Anne. Have I mentioned that before? ;)


  • Why, yes you have, Cindy, but feel free to enlarge upon that theme.

    Yes, we played three or four games…all of a “memory” or other mental exercise type. Nothing embarrassing or to cause someone to feel awkward, you know? I’m not fond of those.

  • That “mystery baby food” game looks down-right fun. I’ll have to remember that one…


  • What’s odd is how you don’t have to use peculiar foods to trip up the participants. Once I was at a baby shower where the hosts used – I kid you not – cereal/fruit blends, meat/vegetable blends, etc.

    How the deuce is someone supposed to figure those out?

    Nope, I just chose plain veggies, fruits, a meat, and mac & cheese for a grain. Still drove most of ‘em nuts.

  • That was a nice shower. You did a good job Anne! I liked the baby bingo, even though it was a sham. (When I won, I found out three others had already won and hadn’t said anything!) Still, it was a fun game.

    And as far as bags go, I’m all for them. I’m still reusing bags I got at my baby shower before Meredith was born. It’s part of the gift!

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