July 18, 2005

  • This evening we held an "open house" here so various family members
    could visit with Alex, Beth, and Hannah. What's amusing is, it was set
    for 6 - 9 p.m., but everyone pretty much showed up about 6:15 - 6:30,
    and were gone at 8 p.m.  It was quite crowded at one point! 

    We had a terrific time, however. 

    Mom with sweet Margaret.

    I have no idea what caught Marebear's attention, but for sure something
    did.  She was so funny!  You know how kids love to look at
    the pictures on the digital camera, right?  Well, Marebear and
    Brianna and Margaret had clustered around me, begging to see the photos
    I'd taken so far.

    Naturally, I obliged them.  We ran through them but I finally
    said, "Okay, the rest are of Hannah."  Marebear looked at me
    earnestly and responded, "Then you need to take more pictures of me!"  

    Don with Brianna and Hannah.

    We even had a mystery guest!  Who, oh who, could it be behind that coyly held subwoofer?

    Hah! Got 'im when he wasn't expecting it. 

    Hannah with Mom.

    And after the party, playing with Daddy. 

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  • I love that last picture; it reminds me of Meg at that age. Cute, cute, CUTE!  Little Hannah looks as though she's assessed the world and found it Good. Indeed, and why not, with such a family?

  • (Anne, brace yourself...)

    Hannah grows more beautiful every time I see another photo of her.

    (Did you survive that comment?)

    Looks like a fun time!


  • Of course, I select the most flattering photos to post.

    Sometimes I manage to catch the kids looking pretty dopey.

  • How funny that Meredith said that! She does love to have her picture taken. We had portraits done and she wanted the woman to take more pictures. That probably doesn't happen too often.

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