November 22, 2010

  • What is so hard about making hot dogs buns, huh?

    Yes, it’s a picayune topic, but I am frustrated with the dry buns – both hot dog and hamburger – packaged under Target’s Market Pantry label.  I’ll determinedly dig to find the freshest available date but it doesn’t appear to make any difference whatsoever…one would think the buns are two weeks old.  This afternoon I decided to treat myself to a chili dog, and what a messy affair that turned out to be, as the bun was so dry it literally broke into pieces as I ate it.

    As long as I’m talking about food, let me recommend a couple of liquid coffee creamers, for those who like that sort of thing:  International Delight’s Marshmallow Mocha, and the same company’s Dark Chocolate Cream Breve Creamer.  Either alone are great, but for a really sumptuous cup of coffee, combine them.  Yum!  silly

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  • Almost you make me want to try coffee, Anne. Almost.

    My niece Stacy says that since the Pioneer Woman had a recipe for hotdog and hamburger buns on her recipe pages (Tasty Kitchen?) she’s never purchased another package. The recipe is for the bread machine. I was ready to try it out last week when Joe & his family were here but danged if his other mom didn’t make lasagna and blow my plan for sloppy joes. We survived. But I will do them – just not when it’s only Faron and me.


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