November 14, 2010

  • Okay, I didn’t go to the game, but Alex and Beth and the girls came over. ;^)

    Alex had already packed up their van with his nifty portable gas grill and hot dogs, etc., so I graciously permitted them to come on over and cook for me.  silly

    Grilled hot dogs with sauerkraut!  Seriously delish.

    It’s been awhile since I’ve seen darling Lillian, and she has changed so much in the intervening weeks!  She has an elfin look that is enchanting, bless her heart.  I still haven’t been able to have both Brielle (born last January) and Lillian (born in August) together, but hopefully this much-anticipated event will occur at Thanksgiving.

    Hannah Handful is now Hannah Toothless, as she’s lost three teeth on the bottom, and yesterday afternoon lost a top front tooth!  

    Max was around, to the delight of the girls, including Beth.  She and Max got along famously:

    The above photo doesn’t do justice to the expression of utter bliss on Max’s face as he got his tummy rubbed.  That was one happy dog.  

    Faith also loves Max, at one point hanging onto his tail as he walked.  Max wasn’t pleased with this, and turned to give her a stern, “do you mind…!?!” look, but otherwise refrained from showing displeasure, which I thought quite gentlemanly of him.  He was even willing to be treated as a pillow:

    Victor stopped by, and I got a picture of him with Max, too:

    Max had a good afternoon, all things considered.  The cats were not quite as receptive to Faith’s attentions, I fear.  

    After whichever cat that was (either Sarah or Dracula, I can’t tell them apart most of the time) leapt off the end table, Faith amused herself by trying to turn the lamp on:

    Those lashes!  What I wouldn’t give to have lashes like that!  

    I believe this picture was taken while an advertisement was on for some gadget aimed at men, to help them build muscles in their chest and arms.  Alex was, um, both nonplussed and highly skeptical, as was Lillian:

     I like this photo of Beth and Lillian, only I wish the latter hadn’t chosen right that moment to start fussing:

    It’s a good photo of darling Beth, though.  And here’s one of Hannah and Faith giving each other hugs:

    And TCU did win their game, though not as decisively as one would have expected.  Still, a win is a win, and the Frogs’ winning season continues!  laughing

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