November 14, 2010

  • Well, I’m sorry I wasn’t at the Black Rooster yesterday.

    They decided to open yesterday, instead of Tuesday, but I had other plans and didn’t go in.

    This afternoon Marche Ann held a meeting for the front counter people, and I got to hear from her and Khaki (a nickname of “Katherine;” I’m not sure how it’s spelled) and Marsha (the two who did show up) about how wild it was!  All the bread sold out, all the cookies, scones, muffins (the pastry chefs were baking like mad things, trying to restock)….it was amazing, by all accounts.  Busy, busy, busy!

    And the bakery wasn’t even supposed to be open.  During the meeting this afternoon several would-be customers came by, to be kindly sent away with encouragement to return on Tuesday.

    I’m really looking forward to Tuesday, though slightly nervous, too.  Working in a food establishment is wholly new to me, so it’s uncharted waters.  Of course, Marche Ann’s husband, David, is seriously trolling in unchartered waters, he pointed out, as he is a retired pilot with Southwest Airlines, and is now in charge of the operations side of the bakery.  Cash registers?  Employee tax stuff?  All this is new to him.  He’s doing a spiffy job, bless his heart.  

    Yesterday I was supposed to be at the TCU game, but bombed out.  It’s coming up on the two-year anniversary of my Donald’s death and I’m finding it rough.  Harder than last year, actually.  I’m glad there’s my job at the Black Rooster starting, not only to provide some much-needed income, but also to keep me busy.  

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