July 13, 2009

  • I have been hideously dilatory, and do apologize!

    It’s not as if nothing’s happened, since Beth and the girls arrived Saturday evening, while Alex flew to Memphis to finish processing out.  There were several of us waiting when the elevator doors opened and there they were!

    Sweet Hannah ran like the wind to her Nana, Paw-paw and us. 

    Natalee, one of Beth’s best friends and a professional photographer, took one of my cameras and snapped much better photos than I ever would, plus it meant I’m in some of ‘em:

    Ah, Dmitry and Charles add sparkle to every occasion, don’t they?

    I’ve no idea what caused these facial expressions!

    Realized I’d best get these posted ASAP seeing as how Alex is coming in TONIGHT!  Most of us expected him tomorrow, so not everyone will be able to be at the airport, more’s the pity.  Oh well!

    The boys (Dmitry, Joe and Zhenya) started in on the garage today:

    There’s still a lot left to do:

    I swear Don never threw anything away!  And not only did Kenny find a bag of coins somewhere in the garage while searching for a tool or the like (I told him to keep it), when I was cleaning some stuff out of the Public Storage place, I couldn’t imagine what was making a small box Don had stored so heavy

    You guessed it.  A Zip-lock bag of coins.  Gave that one to Dmitry.  The coins are overwhelmingly pennies, but still….it’s been surreal, finding bags of change in unexpected places.   Shades of Mrs. Pigglewiggle!

    I decided I didn’t want the paint I’d chosen for the bedroom, so picked another one (a pale yellow called “Crisp Ginger Ale”), and then chose “Olivewood” for the living room.  Yeah, I decided to paint the living room.  Well, to be strictly accurate Kenny is painting the living room.

    There’s to be a “welcome home” party here on Sunday afternoon, and the dining room is still a disaster.  Odds are the stuff will dumped in the garage. 

    And so the tradition continues. 

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  • You’re very ambitious! And will you send Kenny over here for a few months when you get done with him? I used to paint my own interior, but where has my energy gone? The yard has begun to look like a jungle, the ironing’s piling up, it’s hot and I’d rather sew, or go out on LONG shopping trips in my air-conditioned car . . .

    Great to see the reunion at the airport! and Alex still to come!

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