July 14, 2009

  • They're all back at last!

    Can you imagine?  Six children and they all live in the DFW area. 

    Scenes from the airport this evening:

    Jessica and her youngest daughters arrived right before us:

    Doesn't darling Bridgette look delicious?

    The plane arrived early and within a couple of minutes, here he came.....Uncle Alex!

    After Brianna, it was Gran/Mama's turn:

    It was an incredibly bittersweet occasion since Alex's father wasn't here to greet him as usual. 

    After a tearful start, we settled down, looked around, and realized Beth, Charles, etc. had been waiting at the other end of the baggage claim all this time.

    It's a shame more family members couldn't have been there but most gambled he'd come in tomorrow night, and made plans for tonight.  Oh well!  They'll see him Sunday (unless, of course, you're the family heading up to the cool of Aspen, you hounds).

    Ronnie, Beth's father, went ahead and took Hannah home to Mesquite, then the boys and the Ivys and me headed to Mom and Dad's house for a few minutes, then adjourned to LaMadeleine for dinner, Alex's treat.  We had a lovely time, though precious Faith was occasionally a trifle obstreperous; she's still a cutie-patootie, however! 

    Thanks be to God that Alex and his family made it through their Japanese Adventure safely, and are home in Texas.

    (Today Hannah felt the first blast of real Texas heat and plaintively asked when they were going back to Japan.)

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  • I'm so glad Alex and family are safely home.  What are his plans now?

    It's amazing all your children live in your area.  That so seldom happens these days.

  • LaMadeline.  Did you have a lemon tart for dessert?  Man, they're the best!

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