June 21, 2009

  • Now THIS was something that rarely happens!

    As Jonathan said, it was an unusual – but welcome – case of instant gratification. 

    This afternoon I was driving him and Dmitry to Louis and Mary’s house for our June celebration (Father’s Day plus various birthdays and their anniversary), and was on I-30 heading west when a white pick-up entered the freeway and proceeded to move not only into the right-hand lane, but the middle lane, which is where I was.  

    Fortunately there was no car in the left lane so I could swerve into it to avoid a collision. 

    The driver of the pick-up blithely drove on, apparently oblivious to the near-accident.  I prefer to drive in the middle lane, so I moved back into it, behind the truck.  To my surprise a police car pulled up on the left and when I slowed down, pulled in behind the truck and turned his lights on.  HA!  Busted, buster!  

    Jonathan and Dmitry were absolutely thrilled and high fiving each other, as they kept pointing out how rare it is to have someone do something wrong and see justice – in the form of being pulled over by the police – done.

    Very satisfying, to be sure. 

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  • FINALLY a policeman when you want to see one! :celebrate:

  • They were talking on a cell phone!! They should be banned for use by driver!! I guess it’ll take a bad wreck before a law is passed. Thank goodness the lane to your left was clear!

  • Yea!!!    This is a one in a thousand (at least) occurence!  :dancingcow:

    The police are Never there when you see those fools weaving in & out of traffic and going a hundred miles an hour.  :hammer:

    Maybe you can put a Cheers to the police in the newspaper, as I bet others would enjoy the story!   :celebrate:

    ’nuff said.  :grin:

  • I am glad you are safe and also glad they were nabbed.

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