March 11, 2008

  • By jingo, it made it.

    It’s the only one that did, of all the plants received over the years on the occasion of the births of our children:


    Above is the planter with ivy given to me by Don when Charles Edward was born, twenty-one years ago today.  Well, I daresay he actually bought it the next day or so, but still….it was one of the botanical offerings received in honor of my fifth baby, and the only one still alive and kicking.

    Mind, it’s down to just a few leaves, but it’s there.  Still in the kitchen window, getting a little water whenever I happen to think of it, which isn’t often.


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  • You’re aplant killer? For shame. There are those who’d think that a great crime. I’m one too. But hey, you do really well at kid raisin’.

    Happy birthday, Charles! Where’s a smilin’ photo of the dear boy?


  • He’s in Lubbock, so we don’t get to actually see him till the 19th, darn it.

  • Congratulations — I don’t believe I’ve ever kept an ivy alive longer than 21 DAYS let alone years, and it’s one of my favorite plants.

    And happy birthday, Charles!

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