March 9, 2008

  • Hugo Chavez is a nuisance and a pest, but he’s had at least ONE good idea.

    He’s ditched the tiresome changing-of-the-clocks ritual that’s repeated twice a year over much of the world in favor of moving them a half-hour and setting the time there.  Period.

    That’s sensible, that is.  Split the difference and just STAY there.  No more time changes, which cost businesses money, aggravate all right-thinking people (hehehehe, Brad!), mess up the schedules of families with infants, toddlers, and school-age children, etc.

    I’m going to write my congressman and senators, urging the USA to emulate Venezuela in this area, if no other.

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  • And dairy animals!  Don’t forget to mention what they suffer, poor dears.

  • Kelly — why do dairy animals suffer? Do the farmers put their animals at risk by not milking them at the same sun time every day?

    Anne — I’m not saying that it’s not a legitimate beef to have your schedule thrown off by someone else against your will, but my compassion for parents of young children who are disrupted by the schedule change drops by about 75% the first time they keep their kids up an hour late to suit their own convenience, and still have to get up at the regular time the next day. The kids get over that, they get over this, and the parents demonstrate that it’s not THAT huge a problem by choosing to do it.

  • It costs businesses a bunchabux twice a year, let’s remember. It’s hard on the elderly who already have a hard time sleeping, so that if they tend to wake up as it is at 5 a.m., now it’s 4 a.m. The changing of the time affects others besides families with small children. The chronically ill and anyone for whom sleep is difficult, particularly when they need to be at a certain place at a certain time.

    So why not just split the difference and let the clocks just sit there? Or stick permanently with DST, I don’t care.

    I simply want the semiannual changing-of-the-time ritual to disappear.

  • Jane, since Mike has to work away from home according to the clock, and we try to work around his schedule, that means that our chore times need to shift with DST.

    But really, the comment was meant tongue-in-cheek.  We move the milking schedule gradually to fit the time change, but you can imagine how a goat that gets milked only twice a day would be feeling if her milking time suddenly came an hour late — they get just as engorged and uncomfortable from a disruption in schedule as other nursing moms do.

  • Anne, I am completely missing how the time change negatively affects an elderly person’s ability to sleep. Since elderly people rarely have any need to keep a day to day schedule, they can keep sleeping the very same old hours they’ve been sleeping before — only their clocks will look different. You’ve got it right about the chronically ill who had difficulty sleeping and still need to keep a schedule, but I cannot see that it is more than a relatively small inconvenience in light of their ongoing difficulty, that in a week’s time is a non-factor. They’re having trouble sleeping ANYWAY — it can’t make that much difference in reality, (as opposed to theory.)

    “but you can imagine how a goat that gets milked only twice a day would be feeling if her milking time suddenly came an hour late — they get just as engorged and uncomfortable from a disruption in schedule as other nursing moms do.”

    Well, sure, but there’s no need to make them wait that hour, so the point is moot.

    I can see what you mean about Mike keeping a work schedule, but that’s not the situation for most dairy animals, and after all, you DO gradually change the milking schedule, so again, th complaint is merely theoretical (so not really a complaint at all, right? )

  • I just wrote a five-paragraph-long rant and deleted it on accident.  Don’t ask.

    I’ll just assume this is the Lord preventing me from sinning, and summarize by saying that I think DST is a completely idiotic charade and I wish it would go jump in a lake and take Congress with it.

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