December 30, 2007

  • Babysitting at Nana’s…

    This afternoon Beth and Alex packed up and moved themselves and the girls to Beth’s mother’s for the night; Don and I followed, intent upon spending a little more time with the poppets by helping to care for them as their parents went out to dinner on a date night.  Anna kindly fixed us supper, including one of my favorites of hers, asparagus wrapped in ham (“That sounds more like an appetizer,” protested Alex; “Eat enough of ‘em and you’ve got dinner,” I pointed out) and a delicious pasta salad.  Here she is with Faith:


    And here’s Faith trying out her moves!  She’s so anxious to stand she can scarcely bear it:


    Tell you what, she’s going to be crawling ‘ere long; check out this action, and her not quite four months old:


    Hannah Handful was there, of course, and here she was, playing with Grandpa:


    At one point we wondered where she’d got off to, and I found her in the bathroom:


    She was trying to get her hair out of her eyes, she told me solemnly, and thought a headband would work.  That bathroom was the site of a fair amount of activity as Faith implacably refused to take a bottle and was shrieking with rage.  Finally we realized she likes to play in water:


    It was a terrific evening (even though the Giants lost, thus giving the Patriots the first NFL perfect season in 35 years)!  We’re hoping to be able to get over to Beth’s father’s house sometime next week to see them again before they return to Japan.  They aren’t planning upon returning to the States until Alex is released in fall of ’09. 

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  • No comment about Penn State beating Texas A&M?

  • Penn State beat the Aggies? I didn’t know that.

    I expect my son-in-law, Matt, was disappointed, him being an Aggie.

  • How come they won’t return before ’09?  That’s waaaay too long!  The pictures are great, as usual.

    Aunt Jeanne

  • Darling pictures but I agree with Aunt Jeanne ’09 is too long!!

    RYC: We got a little snow last night, even tho none was forecast we had maybe half an inch or so, but it’s been bitterly cold. Tonight is supposed to be the coldest of the year so far. When I ran to the post office a little bit ago it was 16, but the wind chill made it feel like around zero or so (I had to zip up my jacket and wear a hat to keep my ears from freezing!)

    Happy happy New Years and my your poppets come to visit you before the fall of 09!

  • Because it’s expensive and difficult to get from Zushi to DFW with two little children, I expect.

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