December 28, 2007

  • This evening I finally had all six children together!

    But I didn’t think of taking a picture of them until after Charles had left.  

    And little Kirsten was babysitting, so she wasn’t there.

    Still, I snagged a few photos, including this one of the Younger Seven:


    For those who need a program, they are (from left to right) Brianna, who is holding Hannah, Bryson, Benjamin holding Faith, Bethany holding Bridgette. 

    Here are Don and me with the tiny ones:


    Wherever Uncle Alex is, serious roughhousing is, too:


    BTW, the girl in the hat is Lillian, Bethany’s best friend from across the street.  While the craziness was going on in the playroom, Hannah played sedately in Bethany’s room:


    While the children were rushing pell-mell through the house, often screeching at the top of their powerful lungs, Dmitry and Dan were firmly entrenched on the sofa, alternately watching football on TV and chuckling at photos on Dmitry’s cell phone:


    Faith is working hard to crawl (at FOUR months!), to the enthusiastic encouragement of her cousins:


    It’s not every baby that has her own cheerleading squad:

    It was a great evening.  ;^)

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  • Brianna, Bryson, Benjamin, Bethany, Bridgette.  What a test for Grandma to use the right name for the right child on the first try.  Sam’s mother had trouble fitting the names “Richard” and “Ken” to the right boy.

    Faith obviously has nerves of steel and is not easily intimidated.  

  • Isn’t that the truth? So many “B” names is quite confusing. Of course, I’ve always had a hard time affixing the right name to the right child. Used to really irritate the boys to be called by their sisters’ names.

  • Great photos. Yes, I’d say Faith is a tough little kid! Of course, if you’ve watched the video on my blog today (of my sweet Derek – long but worth the viewing, even if Amy and I are the only ones who think so! ) you’ll see he’s pretty tough too – let’s his mom drop him and it doesn’t seem to phase him!

    I think Alex and Beth should have to re-name their children. It just shouldn’t be allowed that they haven’t got B names.

    And I’ve told you before that I thought (as the youngest of 6 kids) my name was “Dammit Cindy!” because of Mom’s inability to put the right name to each kid. No matter if she’d started out angry when she first called me, she’d be angry by the time she got to my name!

    Again, terrific photos. Go Faith Go!


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