May 29, 2006

  • Pictures!  Charles sent pictures!  First is a shot of him and
    Joseph on, I think, the observation deck of the Empire State building:


    Here’s Charles, at I’m guessing Ground Zero (World Trade Center site):


    Remember they had their photo taken with James Cromwell, an actor in the upcoming Spiderman3?  Here ’tis:


    Either he was wearing lifts in his shoes, was standing on something, or that is one TALL man, as Charles is at least 6′ himself.

    And a photo from the set, complete with Spiderman:

    Dmitry nearly had a fit once he grasped Spiderman3 is in production (“It IS? I thought they were kidding!”), and Charles got to go on the set.

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  • Great pictures.  How come Charles and Joseph have on different uniform tops?   Is it a matter of rank or do the guys have a choice of what to wear on certain occasions?

  • I think it’s a matter of preference, since Joseph’s only been in a few months longer’n Charles.

    Tell you what got me…check out the photo of Charles standing next to the actor.

    What’s that on his face??? That wouldn’t be an elusive SMILE, now would it? Look at him standing for all these photos! Let his Mama come around with a camera and does she get cooperation like this?

    No way. >:^(

  • Yeah, Charles is wearing service dress whites, and Joseph is wearing summer whites.  The former is what sailors wear when coming back home or for special occasions.  The latter is for working around the office on base.  When working on a ship, sailors will wear coveralls which basically make ‘em look like auto repairman.  And it is up to the the individual as to what they will wear when on liberty.  Trivia courtesoi de Alex

  • It’s Farmer Hoggett!  My goodness, I didn’t know he could smile.

  • That was me. :-p

  • Cromwell is 6’7″ according to

  • James Cromwell is very very tall.

    Nice pictures!!

  • I THOUGHT that was Farmer Hoggett, but when I IMDB’d him, it came up with a guy I’d never heard of in a bunch of movies I’ve never seen. I was right after all!

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