May 29, 2006

  • You know what the citizens of Fort Worth need?

    Remedial driving lessons, particularly in the area of intersections
    with traffic lights.  It's simply astounding how everyone's
    falling to pieces there
    Case in point:  I just returned from a trip to the SuperTarget off
    7th Street.  To reach it I head north on Owasso, then turn right
    onto Harley, usually having to stop at the stop light there, where it
    meets Montgomery St.  This time there was a small black car ahead
    of me, waiting for the green.  Across Montgomery, on Harley coming
    west, was a white SUV with its left turn blinker on.  The light
    changes and the car ahead of me proceeds to enter the intersection,
    whereupon the SUV put on the gas, determined to make his left turn
    first by cutting in front of him.  Horns sounded, the black car
    swerved to avoid being hit, while the SUV driver glared at him as if
    the near-collision was his fault.

    Is the SUV driver an ignoramus, unaware those turning left at a light with no protected left turn are always to yield to those proceeding straight ahead?  Or does he know but not give a good gosh darn?

    Okay, it's probably the latter.  Still, it wouldn't hurt the price
    of eggs any to remind people of this traffic rule via billboards or TV

    Another law that could clearly use some explaining is "right turn on
    red."  Now understand, I'm a huge fan of that law, having spent a
    lot of time sitting at a light with no one coming from the left. 
    It makes sense that in the event there's no one coming, one should be
    able to turn right, as it frees up the intersection and keeps traffic
    moving smartly along.  As time has passed, however, people seem to
    have taken the idea they can turn right so long as they can do so
    without actually getting hit by the oncoming traffic. 

    If anyone needs to yield to a car making a right turn on red, that was an illegal turn.

    It'd also be helpful if drivers would pay more attention to look for
    the "NO right turn on red" signs posted at various intersections,
    generally those where three or more streets meet. 

    BTW, so long's I'm on the subject of discourteous, stupid driving
    tricks, there's the matter of when someone (say, me in my Venture in
    the SuperTarget parking lot) is in the process of backing out of my
    parking spot, someone turning into that aisle should STOP and yield
    to me, seeing as how I was already halfway into the drive path. When I
    began my reverse, the lanes were clear.  Once I get going, barring
    having moved maybe two feet, I get to keep going. 

    Someone needs to clue the woman in the biege SUV into this, apparently.

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  • When we first moved to Michigan and applied for new driver's licenses, we received no literature about MI's rules of the road.  When we were faced with a blinking red left-turn signal, we were clueless.   We finally figured out, after being honked at by cars behind us a number of times, that we were to stop and if there was no on-coming traffic we could make the left turn.    There must be a better way to introduce newcomers to a state's road rules and regs. 

  • The one traffic rule I want to remind the whole world of is this: If you're driving slow in the fast lane, and I'm behind you, GET OUT OF MY WAY!

  • Also an important rule, m'dear! Can't think how it was overlooked.

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