April 18, 2006

  • Maybe I’m just being a crabbopotamus, but does anyone really care about Tom Cruise and Whatshername’s baby?  

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  • I too am a crabbopotamus!! Who cares??? Not me.

  • I think I must have nearly bought out Tom Thumb of these bouncy deals and the dancing chicken (on right) . Every time I showed them to family and friends they wanted mine so I kept on going back. Today is the last! I had to have a dancing chicken for next Easter and had to have a bouncy deal for our son who missed Easter. No kids but his dogs and cats will love it!

  • If at first, for the 4th time!!  Maybe I have the pic in place. We’ll see.

  • I really really don’t care, and personally I’m tired of that freaks face being pasted on everything like he’s some sort of neato guy. I did find it much nicer that Brooke Shields had her second baby (and ya know what….I’m really not a huge Brooke Shields fan either, I just think that it’s neat that she’s been such an advocate for post partum depression).

  • Last night on Channel 8 news (our local ABC station) Cruise and I think it’s Holmes’ baby’s name was given, including an explanation of its meaning, her birth weight and length, and I don’t recall what all.

    They did kindly mention Brooke Shields’ new baby in passing, though I don’t remember if she had a boy or girl.  Certainly no info was given such as was done for Cruise’s daughter.

    Personally, I can’t imagine how entertainment folks’ babies are considered to be particularly newsworthy.  If the crown prince of Japan and his wife manage to hatch out a baby boy to be heir to the Japanese throne, that’d be worth hearing about.  Not a lot of time spent on it, but worth a mention, seeing as how at this moment the lone child they have is a girl, and unless the laws are changed, she can’t inherit the throne.

  • I’m kinda embarrassed to know this, but I ran across it surfing today:

    the baby’s name is Suri, and it’s Hebrew for “Princess” (I thought that was Sarai, but what do I know) and Persian for “Red Rose.” Really quite nice, and clever to use a name with meanings in two languages. Wonder who helped Tom with that one? (meow!)

    (Saw a weird headline for this, though — “Cruise, Holmes, Have Baby Girl Named Suri.” You know, none of mine actually came with a name, but that’s what the headline sounds like. Maybe it’s different in Hollywood.)

    At any rate, I was going to say that crabbopotamous creates a really interesting mental image, but I have to confess I can’t form a mental image of that at all!

    In related news, Brad and Angelina have taken over a hotel in Namibia to have their baby. She likes Namibia so much having been on location there once, that she wants to have the baby on that soil. Ah, the trials of wealth!

  • My first baby came with a name.  I was so sure we were having a girl and had already picked out a name, but there was always that little niggling doubt in the back of my mind (no sonogram in those days), so that when she was born and the doc announced it was a girl, I sighed with releif and thought, “Oh good!  It’s Katherine and not somebody else.”  Very strange thought for a new mother.  Ever since then I’ve tried not to get my heart so set on one sex or the other, though I always have a feeling whether it’s a girl or boy, and I’ve always been right.

    And you realize, of course, that the reason “we” care about these movie star babies so much is precisely because we don’t have princes and princesses to moon over?  Hollywood stars are our nobility.  I think it’s time for a revolution.

  • Still, Kelly, she didn’t come with it — you gave it to her, even though you knew what it should be upon seeing her. (Though I picked three girls’ names before my first was born, I had a similar experience — we looked at her and knew this one was Anna.) You could have given her another name, though it would have been less suitable, and if you hadn’t given her that name, no one would have called her that.

    The wording of the headline made it sound like she already had the name when she was born — like she was born with the wristband on or something.

  • With that crowd, Jane, it’d have been on a tattoo.


    And no, I don’t care.


  • I care much more about crabbopotami.

  • Of course I don’t really “care” either. I’m fascinated not by the breathtaking novelty of two people actually having a baby (imagine THAT!) but by our collective reaction to it. That’s the only reason I pay any attention.

  • BTW, what is it with these celebrity types (and it trickles right down to local TV news people and local newspaper editors — I’ve seen it) thinking that when they have their first child, they are doing something newsworthy?

    It’s almost like, because they’ve never had a child before, no one else has either, so they have to share with the world what the whole experience of pregnancy and becoming parents is like. Like half their readership didn’t know all about it before they were even BORN.

    And don’t tell me it’s a first baby thing, either — I know I was pretty insufferable when I was pregnant with my first, but I also knew that it wasn’t something that was really new to most of the people around me. And that’s been my experience with others as well — they’re a little giddy with their first, but most people who are not paid to tell other people what’s in their heads all the time have the sense not to think that they are bringing some fresh information to the world by going on and on about their first time parenting experiences.

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