April 18, 2006

  • Yesterday afternoon when I drove to collect Dmitry from tutoring for the last time (yee-HAW!!!) it was to find the traffic lights dead at the intersection of Camp Bowie and Horne.  This was causing a large stack up as the multilane streets - with left turn lanes - fed cars into the intersection.  All of a sudden the stoplights came back on, and traffic began to move smoothly again.  As I passed through the intersection I glanced around, expecting to see the traffic department crew who'd been fixing the broken-down lights.

    No one there.

    Huh!  Strange.  Didn't think any more about it, however.

    After collecting Dmitry I stopped by a cobbler to drop off one of Don's favorite pair of dress shoes (to be yet again resoled, reheeled, and  reglazed), and the woman mentioned the power having been inexplicably off for about 15 minutes.  This, we agreed, would explain the traffic light outage.

    This morning the news filled in the blanks....it was one of the rolling, random electrical blackouts triggered by the unusually high temperatures during a time when a fair amount of equipment is down for maintenance.  According to the same article, there's a La Nina event transpiring in the Pacific Ocean which will probably mean a hotter-than-usual/dried-than-usual summer.

    Oh, joy.