January 4, 2011

  • Happy New Year! Okay, a few days late.

    Better late than never, as they say, and goodness knows, they should know.  silly

    It was a great holiday season!  Wonderful Thanksgiving, terrific Ivy Carolfest, Christmas day at Jeanne’s, a quiet New Year’s Eve, THE FROGS WON THE ROSE BOWL, and the Ivy celebration on January 2d, which was also Matt’s birthday.  Good times, and I thank the LORD most sincerely for them.

    Last night I began to take the Career Solutions workshop, for I need to find a job.  Well, what I need is moolah which pretty much comes from having a job.  Keep wishing I could think of characters and a plot and be the next Agatha Christie or Debbie Macomber but, alas…there is no story within me striving to get out.  Most annoying.  

    Right now I’m trying to decide whether to go for a Career or just a job.  I’d rather like to be a receptionist someplace, but almost always get stumped by the qualifications required these days.  This is lifted from a position I found at Monster.com:  ”Must have knowledge of a variety of computer software applications in word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe, Photoshop).”

    To be fair, at least this place merely requests “knowledge of”, which I do have.  I know they exist.  I’ve even piddled around with them, and gone so far as to take a course in Excel.

    Most employers want you to be really, really good at those programs, unfortunately.  No one ever requires someone who can piddle around on Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.  If I could find a position needing a piddler in those programs, I’d be golden.  laughing

    A physician friend has suggested medical coding as a career path.  It would require training, which would be okay, but I’m concerned that even were I trained no one would be anxious to hire someone crowding 60 years old.

    Another area I’ve thought of is hospice care.  Not having a nursing degree…and absolutely no intention whatever of getting one, just so we’re clear…I’m not sure where I’d fit in, though.  One thing I’ve learned since Don died is that I’m drawn to those who are grieving over the death of their spouse.  Having been blessed to be present when Don and Dad died, I can truly say deathbeds hold no terror for me.  Not a bit.

    Boomers are aging and let’s face it…there are going to be a whole lot more widows (and widowers) over the next decade or two.  I’ve been urging CCBC to start a ministry to newly widowed people.  Not grief counseling, as the church has that already, but where someone who has been through it calls and comes by and is just there.  

    Ah well, things will sort themselves out eventually.  They always do, don’t they?

    Right now I’m going to head to North Richland Hills to pick up Brianna from school, then go get Bridgette from her day care, and take them to visit Elaine and her girls for a little bit.  Jessica’s working and Charles doesn’t get home till 7 p.m.

    There might possibly be a picture or two.  ;^)


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  • Medical coding might be a good idea for you, Anne. I understand it takes about four months to learn, and there are two young mothers in our church who do it to make ends meet, what with husbands being in graduate school. It’s something you can do at home, and I know you love that.

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