November 11, 2010

  • Pretty soon there won’t be any way for me to leave my house without running into construction.

    This afternoon I drove to the SuperTarget on Carroll (and naturally forgot to pick up my prescriptions…ARGH!!!), going east on Harley, then – due to construction further down on Harley and where it meets University – turned north on the street that runs between the Museum of Science and History and Will Rogers, so as to turn back east onto Lancaster.  From Lancaster I turned north onto Norris, so as to turn east on 7th Street.

    Whereupon I discovered 7th Street to be totally messed up, having the top of it scraped away, cones set up along it, and my car – along with another in front of me – directly behind some big street machine.  Which sat, until finally the driver got out and motioned for us to drive around him, into the big area where no cars were.  On the opposite side of the street there was a comparable line of cones, and the traffic stacked up on the outside lane.  For some weird reason, though it was duplicated on the south side of the street, cars heading east were to drive in the big middle part.

    It was extraordinarily badly set up.  No turn lane for turning on to Carroll, and the protected left turn arrow wasn’t on.  The only thing I can figure is that the city has literally run out of the large orange-and-white striped barrels usually used to mark temporary lanes, considering how many of the dratted things are already being used on the aforementioned Harley and University (including the TCU section of University), plus Vickery, plus Hulen, plus Camp Bowie, and now 7th Street!

    It’s become a frightful headache simply trying to move around west Fort Worth.  Road construction on one or two streets I can understand, but this has reached the point of being farcical.

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