June 30, 2009

  • Doubtless everyone’s panting with anxiety to see what the kittens look like.

    Perish the thought that a lot of unseemly panting should be taking place when I have the means to stop it, so here are a few pictures of the Gruesome Twosome….the Dreadful Duo….the Pernicious Pair:

    Magellan and Eisenhower fighting over the mouse on the cat toy/scratching post Kenny made for them:

    Eisenhower’s claws make short work of climbing to the top.  And here’s a rare photo of all three cats within picture range of each other:

    Cats aside, my next project  -  apart from clearing out the bookcase outside my bedroom so Kenny can get to it to paint and so on, then starting in on my bedroom, a task which would give Joshua pause (“Couldn’t I go retake Ai again?”)  -  is trying to figure out how to operate the automatic sprinkler system.  This was one of Don’s Chores, about which I know zip.

    Well, considering the widening yellow patches on the yard and the way Don’s special drooping crepe myrtles are looking definitely peaky, I’d better figure it out PDQ. 

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  • Zeus does look positively interested in the game, there in that last shot. She must be starting to take a liking to the two whippersnappers. That Eisenhower looks like a real character!

  • I do love the way you determinedly put a positive spin on things, Gilda!


    Can’t say as how I’ve noticed that, but with God all things are possible, aren’t they? :flirty:

  • We’re enjoying your cat tales.  John asks me to tell you your cats are cute.

  • Your understated headline made me burst out laughing!  Thanks, I needed that!  Fact is, I Am curious about your new kitten – I didn’t get a good look at him when I was there last time.  He was cowering under the DR table.  Good pictures!

    My last cat was an unattractive brindle who would attack us whenever we moved.  She needed a toy, doubtless.  But we advertised and gave her to some folks who needed a cat to catch mice in their barn.  I think she must have been happy at that job, as she was no housecat. 

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