September 27, 2007

  • Fun with Bryson and Cole!

    This morning I drove up to Kirstin’s church in Keller to fetch Bryson and take him for a few hours while she attended a series of meetings. Figured it’d be nice for him to be able to play with his cousin (their grandmothers are sisters….what type of cousin are they, exactly?) Cole, so headed back south to Arlington. Jeanne – who keeps him four days a week while his parents work – had an appointment in Dallas, so I watched the pair of goony birds cleverly disguised as two- and three-year-old boys.





    Aren’t they cute?

    Of course, at their age they mostly play along-side each other, as opposed to truly playing with each other, but if we keep bringing them together I’m confident they’ll get the hang of it. They definitely found one activity upon which they agreed:

    Eventually it was time for us to get back in the van and return to the church, so Kirstin could have him back. It wasn’t long before this is what I saw in the rear-view mirror, and snapped a photo at a stop light:

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  • They are second cousins, and being very cute about it, too.

  • Second cousins! That’s it.

  • I would think 3rd cousins.  Kirstin and Justin are 1st cousins, Cole would be Kirstin’s 2nd cousin, so Benjamin would be Cole’s 3rd cousin

  • Argh! Now I’m confoozed. =8^o

  • First cousins are when the parents are siblings. Second cousins are when grandparents are siblings. Third cousins are when g-grandparents are siblings, etc. Beyond that, I’m lost too. Don’t ask me about “removals”.

  • Second cousins is right.  They are in the same generation.   When two are in different generations, then you get into the “once removed” or “twice removed” terminology.  And they’re adorable.

  • Alright!  So they are 2nd (or 3rd) cousins!  I just call them cousins.  MANY thanks to Anne for babysitting while I did my errand!   I’d love for them to spend more time together!

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