February 22, 2007

  • Last night Dmitry and Don and I went to Kirstin’s house for supper and to visit with Beth and Hannah a bit, as the latter were visiting for the afternoon and evening.  Since Sunday’s Benjamin’s birthday, I took his presents to him.

    Dmitry and I arrived a little before 5 pm, and helped Kirstin get gallon milk jugs ready to be put in classrooms at St. Elizabeth Seton’s school to collect coins for the milk program at the church’s sister parish in Honduras; while we worked on the jugs, Bethany worked on her homework:

    February2007 101

    Around 6:30 or so Don showed up.  Good gravy, was Bryson pleased to see him!  I received a nice welcome from Bryson, mind, but nothing like the one Don got.  When he walked through the front door Bryson stopped and stared, eyes widening, jaw dropping, then with a jubilant cry of “G’anPAW!” he ran to fling himself into Don’s arms.

    February2007 116

    I swear, if only Bryson had enough hair, it’d have blown in the wind as he ran to his grandfather. 

    Matt was caught in bad traffic, so we went ahead and let Benjamin open his gifts; nothing like a short stack of presents to capture his little brother’s attention:

    February2007 118

    And the other kids’ attention, too:

    February2007 124

    His present from Uncle Dima…..a remote control dinosaur, which Bryson thought looked pretty slick:

    February2007 129

    We gave him binoculars and a shake-and-race car set, which Dmitry helped open and set up:

    February2007 136

    Bethany showing off her gymnastic moves as the track was being slowly assembled in the background:

    February2007 141

    It may not take a village, but it apparently did require a committee of all available guys:

    February2007 145

    Like Bryson, Hannah was enchanted to see her G’anpaw again:

    February2007 157

    Benjamin with his dinosaur:

    February2007 154

    The two Bethany Ann(e)s, as the little one treats the elder to a relaxing hairbrushing:

    February2007 159

    The above photo was unusual in that Hannah wasn’t right THERE, glued to her cousin; she mostly was:

    February2007 167

    Eventually the shake-and-race car thing was working, and the boys had a good time with it:

    February2007 170

    Alex just called from the ship, BTW! 

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  • Looks and sounds like the party of the season!!! Hope everyone had as good a time as the pics indicate.

  •  Well, I just wrote a comment about how big bryson is, and how cute Hannah and the other kids are, and I thanked Mama for posting pics.  But it screwed up.  So this is my comment.  Much less flattering, I’m sorry to say.

  • ‘Sright!

    Check out the Flickr pix from yesterday, Alex. There’s 50 of ‘em!

  • somehow, a good Grampa is the best thing in the wide world to a little boy. Our Preston and my dad were best buds, and the little boy still has times of deep grief over losing his ”Boppa.” And Aidan will do that “hair blowing in the wind of his running” to launch himself into a huge hug from Jim, while I wait patiently until he has been playing for awhile, before he has the merest “Hi Gramma Heidi!” and quick leg hug, for me. *sigh* after all I have done for him. LOL kidding

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