April 22, 2006

  • Today was the East European Easter party out at Gladney, and upon being wheedled by Elveera last night, Dmitry decided he’d like to go.  It was a gorgeous day for the event, so it’s a pity the attendance was down; the assumption is the high cost of gas is responsible for keeping families home who would otherwise come.  Many people live quite a ways away and this is the one “Russian” event they attend.

    Not that there’s anything particularly Russian about a petting zoo and Easter Bunny, of course. 

    It seems to me if the intention is to emphasize Eastern European heritage there’d be an attempt to include some activities unique to their culture.  Granted I’m having a hard time thinking of anything but hey….that’s not my job.  My specialty is ideas. 

    Isn’t it lovely when one’s plans work out exactly as one hoped?  Doesn’t happen near often enough, but did this time.  I’d been hoping Viktor Buckholt would be there so Dmitry could introduce him to the Grogan girls, and by golly, he was and he did.  BTW, Olga stunned me with her beautiful, braces-free smile!

    Spring06 001

    Isn’t she lovely? 

    It was a pleasure to see the four of them schmoozing happily together (okay, the first picture has only three, but you can see Viktor, and in the following photo Dmitry is visible):

    Spring06 003

    Spring06 004

    A bit later they moved to a table in the shade and were joined by Sergei, Viktor’s friend who was adopted a couple of years ago and lives in Richardson.  Then it was the five of them yakking away in Russian.  It was nice to see Viktor, who’s only been here a couple of months (if it’s been that long) cheerfully conversing with an old friend and new ones.  ;^)

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  • Thanks for sharing those pictures!  I bet Dmitry is glad he went! Have a good weekend!

  • Neat!! It must be wonderful for all of the kids to get together, do you think that it makes the transition for them easier when they move here?

  • That’s great Anne!  What fun. I’m glad Dmitry went. ;0)  I’m sure he is too.


  • I wish I’d known the Waybourns were going to show up, though! Turns out Bill and the older two, Dan and Joe, came shortly after Dmitry and I left.

    They were able to meet Viktor, I think, but it’d have been so cool to have seen seven of ‘em conversing around a table. ;^)

    Oh, well! That’s the way it goes, isn’t it?

  • That Olga is a beauty, and she looks happy too. May God bless these children.  You and the other adoptive families are arks of God.

  • Thank you for sharing.  It was probably quite a day for all.

    Love Lucy

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