January 27, 2006

  • This afternoon for lunch Dmitry and I went to the “Russia restaurant” in Arlington to meet Laura, Dan, and Zhenya.  Oh, and Lucas!  Mustn’t forget Lucas. 

    Okay, color me impressed.  Not content with being the subject of not one, but two, feature stories in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, their story is going to be in either the March or April issue of Good Housekeeping

    Isn’t it odd?  To me they’re just, well, the Waybourns.  Our friends.  Dmitry’s bestest friends.  See ‘em at church.  Spend the night.  Have lunch occasionally.  Email some.  That sort of thing.

    Never occurred to me they’d be written up in a major, national magazine like Good Housekeeping.  (When telling me about it, Laura first urged me to guess which magazine it was, saying it’d be the one I’d least expect, based upon the title.  “Planned Parenthood” was my suggestion.  )

    And tonight Dan is testing to qualify for third-grade brown belt in karate.  He’s getting on up there!  Do NOT mess with Dan.  ;^)  Zhenya’s testing for his green belt, and Joe finally succumbed and began taking karate, and will be trying for his orange.  I ought to go watch and cheer ‘em on, but being a lazy cuss, I undoubtedly won’t.  Bad Auntie Anne. 

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  • Note to self: buy March and April GH, just to make sure I don’t miss it! That is wicked cool!

  • I’ll also have to go and buy those GH’s.

    My Robert and Bennett tested for their new belt a week before the teacher had them scheduled to test, it just happened to be a snow storm that night and only 6 kids showed up so she tested them to save herself some time on testing day (which was great for me, since I had out of town company coming on test day). It is fun to watch the testing, but (at least for our class) not earth shattering to miss the test. Now, missing the belt presentation, which for us happens about 2 weeks after the test, is far more crushing…..and you’ll never qualify as “bad Auntie Anne” we all know that you’re “Favorite Auntie Anne”

  • Dmitry ever try those kung fu classes?

  • No, not yet. He’s in math tutoring eight hours a week, so it’s been shelved for the nonce.

    BTW, all three boys advanced. ;^)

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