August 26, 2005

  • When it comes to Highly Addictive Substances, t’would appear nicotine,
    heroine and meth have nothing on Friskies canned cat food. 

    What with one thing and another I’d committed a sin of omission, i.e.
    ran out of cat food.  Boots and Zeus eat dry food (and are quite
    picky about which one, too) so when the bowl was empty yesterday
    morning, I remembered a couple of cans of Friskies that had come from
    Charles’ room when he moved to Tech (presumably due to the cat and
    kittens he’d brought back from Anson), opened one and dumped it into
    their food dish.

    A while later I noticed it was empty, and yesterday afternoon I bought a bag of dry food at Wal-Mart.

    This morning Boots woke me at 5 a.m.  This is not unusual, so I
    stumbled blearily into the kitchen, expecting to see an empty
    bowl.  Nope.  There was
    food still in it, but still Boots meowed plaintively.  Couldn’t
    imagine what her problem was, but went ahead and topped it up, snarled
    at her, and trudged back to try and get in a little more sleep before
    the day’s official start time.

    Twice more Boots complained to me, refusing to eat the food she has
    been enjoying for months.  Only thing I can figure is she has
    tasted feline ambrosia in the form of Friskies canned cat food and
    somehow knowing there’s one more can sitting on the counter, has begun
    a kitty hunger strike until I relent and provide the Good Stuff.

    Dream on, Boots….dream on.  Addictions are ugly things, and I’ll not be your dealer. 

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  • Now that’s a spoiled cat!! Of course our cat eats a can of Fancy Feast every day, minced turkey with sauce!

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