February 25, 2005

  • Happy birthday to my Benjamin Bunny, who is three years old this very day. 

    Kirstin stopped by with the boys this afternoon, so Benjamin was able to get his present from us and G’mom:

    To quote Benjamin…..”WOW!”

    He was very excited, Mom.  ;^)

    And he appreciated the card, as well.

    Okay, fine, I wasn’t expecting them so hadn’t gotten around to wrapping his presents….just left ‘em in the Silly Goose.com box.  We’re an elegant bunch at the Ivys, as you can tell.

    Wouldn’t Martha Stewart have a conniption fit?

    Thought this was a good picture of the birthday boy.

    It was too funny…he’d pull a toy out of the box then carefully set it on the sofa, saying “Can’t open it.”  After about the fourth or fifth time, Kirstin finally asked him why he didn’t want to open them.

    “Not paid for!” came the reply.

    Kirstin laughed and explained Benjamin’s accustomed to hearing her tell him, when they’re in the store, “No, Benjamin, you can’t open it now…it hasn’t been paid for.”

    He learned the lesson a bit too well, t’would appear.  It took some doing but finally he dubiously asked, “Gran paid for ‘em?”  Upon being assured that yes, indeed I had, so they are absolutely his, he relented and began opening the boxes.

    Naturally darlin’ Bryson had to have some attention paid to him, as well. 

    Tell you what, it’s raining babies around here, what with Alex and Beth expecting next month, then my nephew, Justin, and his wife, Jill, expecting their first on Sept. 19, then Elaine (who will be BACK HOME IN TEXAS!!!) having her third in early October.

    Oughta be some kinda Christmas! 

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    Man, I’m going to call for prearranging today. Life just goes faster and faster.

  • Wonderful pics and loved the “not paid for” story!  I do hope Gran had receipts on hand to prove it. 

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