June 13, 2012

  • An open letter to the buyers of large-size women's apparel...

    (I've always insisted I'd never do the "open letter" thing, but have obviously changed my mind.)

    What is up with my going to the department featuring plus-sized clothing to be met with surprisingly few items in my size, due to the ridiculously high number of 18W's and 1X's?

    Let me clue you in to something:  a size 18 can be found in the regular size departments.  Women who can fit into clothes in the regular size departments, do so.  They don't shop in the large-size department unless it's necessary.

    Multiple times today I found a blouse or dress that I thought I might like, only to discover that of the six or so available, every single solitary one of 'em was a 1X or 18W!  Anything larger was hard to find.

    This is backwards, y'all.  Stock up on the larger sizes, and only purchase a minimal number of the 1X's and 18W's.  

    Both your customer base and your profits will thank you for it.

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  • amen, amen, amen!

  • It's the same thing in reverse in the Misses department! Scads of larges and extra-larges, and the smalls fly off the racks. Then in girls' it flips the other way again (I have a 14-year-old who still has to shop in girls', poor thing) you practically need a native tracker to come up with 14s. SURE, they all want to go to the junior department if they can, but some of them are just still too small for that (especially if they're short) and NEED a larger girls' size.

    You'd think it wouldn't be THAT hard to track how much they sell in various sizes and buy appropriately.

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