June 30, 2011

  • Happy 11th birthday to Brianna!

    Today is Brianna’s birthday…her very first dual-double-digit, or however one expresses the “11″ or “22″ or “33″ and so forth birthdays.  This evening some of us gathered for supper at Joe’s Crab Shack to honor her existence.  ;^)  Alex and his family drove all the way in from Mesquite, Matt brought Bethany and Benjamin, Joe and Zhenya were there as well, along with Charles.  And me, naturally.  

    Here are the two 11 year old cousins:

    And with Hannah and Bridgette:

    Benjamin was entranced with a shark from which one drank something or other.  Being the good brother he is, he carefully made sure to get one to take home to Bryson, who wasn’t at the dinner:

    Brianna reacting to a handmade card from either Hannah or Faith; she actually liked it, though the photo doesn’t make it look like that:

    Yesterday I was at the Antique mall on the circle (Fort Worthers know whereof I speak) and found a necklace that spells out Brianna’s name:

    Just a group candid with Jessica, Beth and Matt:

    And lastly, Hannah being a “ball of goof” as her father phrased it (there’s a video too, which I’ll try to upload and post):


    It was a fun evening!  Tomorrow evening will be great, too, as Jonathan Andrew is coming home for another visit!  laughing  

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