March 10, 2011

  • It’s been ages, but I had all four sons together tonight!

    This afternoon I had the intense pleasure of picking up Jonathan from the airport.  It’s his first time home in a year and a half!  

    First I drove him through downtown on Belknap so he could check out the changes there, then headed down West 7th, which has seen tremendous change.  Not to mention, it has the SuperTarget I favor, and I was out of paper towels.  We both picked up some stuff, then it was off to Whataburger, a treat San Jose, CR doesn’t have.  After a bit I took him to Mom’s house, where he’s staying as all three of our bedrooms are taken.  I suggested he bunk in with Dmitry, but he inexplicably preferred to have his own room and bathroom at his grandmother’s home.  Go figure.  winky

    Late in the afternoon Alex, Beth, and the girls drove over from Mesquite, Dmitry came home from work and visiting TCC, Mom and Jonathan arrived, and Charles too.  Brianna, sad to say, is ill so Jessica didn’t get to come.  Mom generously provided the wherewithal for Railhead and I went to get it for us.  

    After supper the guys were corralled for a photo:

    Ta-da!  All four of my handsome sons:  Dmitry, Jonathan, Charles, and Alex.  heart

    I wish I could get all six children together, but alas, Charles is off to Padre Island tomorrow morning and won’t return until the day Jonathan leaves, i.e. Wednesday.  Oh well.  Next time!

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