November 5, 2010

  • No Food Network?!?! AT&T Uverse better sign that contract, and fast.

    Except for a few exceptions (TCU football on Versus, the World Series, that sort of thing) the sole television channel I ever watch is Food Network, mostly on Sunday evenings.  This not watching TV during the week is doubtless why I had to read a story on the net about AT&T Uverse and Scripps Networks not being able to reach an agreement for a new contract, resulting in those channels going dark.  

    This is very annoying.  Surely they will come to an acceptable compromise soon, and I hope it’s prior to Sunday night.  

    Tell you something else that frosted my cupcakes today, and that was the ting-a-ling of the Salvation Army bell ringers in front of Wal-Mart this afternoon.  What happened to starting that sort of thing the day after Thanksgiving, eh?  It’s bad enough there’s tinsel and such popping up all over the place, but starting the Salvation Army collection a few weeks before Thanksgiving is going Too Far, that’s what I say.  Felt like a Scroogette, but firmly told the young man ringing the bell that I’ll give after Thanksgiving but not one day before.

    Did y’all know that if one has a Fort Worth library card one is able to download certain ebooks?  One doesn’t own them; one has two weeks to finish reading them on one’s computer (using the Adobe reader).  I thought that was rather cool.

    Tomorrow afternoon – on CBS-College, which Uverse doesn’t carry, more’s the pity – is the TCU v. Utah game!  Can the Froggies go 10-0?  laughing  The following week I’ve got tickets for the kids and me to go to the TCU v. San Diego State game, and the plan is to have a tailgate party before it.  Of course, I’ve no experience with such creatures, so it will be a challenge to make it work out properly, but I’m hoping I can.  Just don’t let it rain, that’s all!  shocked

    For those who either like to cook, or simply bow to the necessity of it, here is a site I’ve enjoyed and used recently:  Just A Pinch

    Gonna make some Autumn Pumpkin Bread here pretty soon.  Bought a can of pumpkin just for the purpose, and speaking of that, it was surprising how hard it was to find the darned stuff.  Looked for it in the canned fruit section, but it wasn’t there.  Then thought, well, it’s actually a squash, which is a vegetable, so looked for it in amongst the canned vegetables.  Nope.  Not there, either.  Wandered back and forth between the two aisles, convinced I must be overlooking them, when it occurred to me to check the baking aisle, and by golly, there it was.

    I really wish grocery stores would standardize where items are located.  It’s awfully tiresome trying to figure out where some things are hidden.  bitter

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  • Thanks for the site, I bookmarked it. I love to cook or at least attempt to cook! That pumpkin bread sounds delish, recipe please when you get it baked.

    I agree, our local supermarket has things strung out everywhere. It’s really kind of crazy.

    Have a great weekend

  • I suppose with the SA the issue is that they expect contributions to be scarce, so they need as much time as they can get. It’s probably not so much a matter of wanting to rush “Christmas,” as just getting those pots out there so people can put $ in them.

    That is funny about the pumpkin. You’re right, I’m so used to pie fillings being in the baking section that it never occurred to me that it’s strange that they’re not with the fruits or the vegetables.

    However,in fairness, it makes sense that pretty much all the non-perishable components of a pie are in the same aisle. You just don’t use canned cherries in much else, and you really never bake (as in “baked goods”) with green beans. Even canned pumpkin is never used as a vegetable, AFAIK — when people eat pumpkin as a regular veggie, it’s always make from fresh.

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