October 2, 2010

  • Happy Adoption Day to Dmitry!

    Seven years, can you believe it?  shocked

    “Where’s my present?” was his response when I wished him a “Happy adoption day!”  He was firmly reminded the gifts stopped a few years ago, seeing as how his siblings don’t get adoption day presents.  Presents at birthday and Christmas and that’s it.  Him, too.

    He didn’t seem especially impressed with my reasoning.   Ah, for the Good Old Days, when October 2 brought cool presents such as his first cell phone.  silly

    * * * * * * * * * * *

    Where did the cheap, cheesy, clearly fake toy pistols go?  I need – well, want, anyway – some for centerpieces for a luncheon next week, but have been so fixated on the other elements, I didn’t look for them until this evening when I was at SuperTarget.  Nothing.  Came home and looked to see if Wal-Mart or Toys R Us has them.  Nope.


    Look, I can understand not selling those really realistic looking fake guns, but what about the ones of shiny silver plastic with pink handles and such?  


    It’s depressing how often this happens, i.e. I assume something will be easily obtained, then it turns out it isn’t.  Doubtless I’ll think of something else, but darn it, those guns were going to be seriously cool by the time I’d finished with them.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    It’s definitely fall!  Tomorrow night it’s supposed to drop to around 50 degrees.  You know it’s autumn when you can’t figure out how to dress:  for the chilly morning or the warm afternoon.  Used to drive me nuts when the kids were little.  


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  • Happy Adoption Day, Dmitry. We love you so much. This family has been so incredibly blessed with you in it : )

    Have you tried looking for water guns? Toys R Us might have them on clearance. Also, maybe try a dollar store.

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