December 25, 2009

  • Merry Christmas!

    By jingo, we've got a white Christmas here in Fort Worth!  Snowed most of yesterday, at times reaching blizzard conditions.     Brianna, of course, was quick to take advantage of it:


    You can just make out (it was hard to capture with the camera) her Christmas greeting in the snow:

    Last night after the girls finally went to sleep (thought they were never going down!), Zhenya went to work adding more decorations to the tree;  Dmitry was involved with the new laptop he received from Carolyn and her family:

    Zhenya examining the finished product, and presents:

    The boys in front of the tree, prior to letting the girls in:

    At last it was time for the poppets to open their presents!

    Santa brought Brianna a scooter, and a motorized car for Bridgette.  ;^)

    The street conditions haven't kept visitors from coming...Viktor and Joe are here (one coming from the west, the other from the east).  The cheesecakes have been chilling in the garage (no space in the fridge, so I decided to let the cold weather work for me), the wild rice is cooking, and I've got a few more presents to wrap before making the trek to Jeanne's in Arlington.  Later!