December 12, 2009

  • Christmas performances have been the order of the day.

    Well, the days, as in yesterday and this afternoon.  Last night Mom, Mrs. Lambert, Mrs. Simmons and I went to Will Rogers Auditorium (where the parking is a mess, what with a National Cutting Horse event going on) to see Meredith and Margaret in Margo Dean's annual Ballet Concerto Christmas performance.  Thinking about it, I daresay it was billed as a "holiday" thing, seeing as how there was a flamenco dancer in a number about Hannukah.

    That aside, the girls were darling!  Meredith was a elf....second from the right most of the time:

    Margaret was a toy soldier (THE toy soldier, in fact), but came on so fast I almost missed it:

    She marched in, then marched out, and right smartly too, with a big grin on her face.  That girl loves being on stage!  ;^)

    This afternoon was the 4th annual Christmas concert at my bro-in-law, Richard's, retirement home (or whatever they're called).  He sang "O Holy Night" in a duet with another gentleman, and read a Scripture passage.  It was very nice indeed, and the goodies afterward were excellent.  >;^> Tomorrow afternoon is Kirstin's baby shower!  It's barely possible I'll have a photo or two from it.