October 8, 2009

  • It took a bit but I finally got the photos of Cole's party off the camera.

    It's battery was low so wound up mostly using my cell's camera, but I did take some.  These are my favorites of them!

    Bridgette with her Uncle Alex.    And Cole with my nephew, Justin (his daddy):

    Three of my favorite guys:

    On the never ending project front, I was struck by a flash of brilliance the other evening!  I'd been sitting on the back porch and mulling What To Do about Jessica and the girls' sleep problem.  Bridgette is finding it hard to settle down to sleep, which makes it hard for Brianna to sleep, which makes it hard for Jessica to sleep.  We need more room, but how??? 

    Ha.  Got it!  Kenny's building a room off of the master bedroom, taking up part of the garage.  Fine, so I'll have a one-car garage (with my car in it...sorry, children) and a storage area instead of a two car garage.  It's actually going to be a reasonably sized room; maybe 9 by 11 or so?  If you look closely you can make out the lines on the garage floor:

    The door into it will be on the right side (as one enters the bedroom), adjacent to the closet door.  Kenny pointed out this way the wall area where Brianna's bed is won't be broken up, and one often doesn't put major furniture where a closet door opens, anyway.  There'll be a short hall then the room itself.  It may sound odd, but it won't be.  Right now there's discussion as to which girl will be in there.

    I'm wildly excited about the new room!  It's going to be magnificently useful over the years. 

    And maybe one of my kind readers will be able to help me with this puzzle.  Remember the to-do I had trying to find curtains for the kitchen?  Guess what I found tucked away, purchased off eBay who-knows-how-long-ago?

    Right.  Lace wisteria "shades", as the description written on the packing slip said.  Trouble is, I haven't a clue how to work them.  They aren't visible in the photo but there are clear plastic rings on them....two vertical rows, I think of three rings each.  There are also two small packages of additional rings.  Am I supposed to get a ribbon and thread it through them to draw up the curtains?  It's frustrating the dickens out of me. 

    If I can just figure out how to get them gathered up, they'll be perfect!  But so far the curtains are beating me like a filthy rug.  It's embarrassing. 

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  • Bring the curtains with you tomorrow, and I bet we can figure them out : )

    The room will be great! I can't wait to see it.

    I'm so excited to see ya'll tomorrow.

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