July 27, 2009

  • Brianna's at Camp Carter, and this is such a neat feature.

    A relative  -  such as myself  -  can buy credits for "bunk notes", which are emails printed out and delivered to the camper at lunch the next day.  Photos can be attached, too! 

    Plus there's a photo gallery where, if one is willing to sift through a few hundred photos, one may be fortunate enough to located pix of one's camper.  I was willing, and here they are:

    That's Brianna on the left. 

    I've gotten a letter from her, the poppet, but not a bunk note reply. 

    I told her about the phone call I got from her Uncle Charles last night, telling me about his apartment building being hit by lightning during the thunderstorm that passed through!  He lost his water for a while, then it came back on, then went off again. 

    This afternoon Kenny noticed that my right rear passenger tire was almost flat due to a nail in it, so off I went to Discount Tires.  While waiting there was a woman who held an extended conversation on her cell phone that concerned some friends of hers.  It got really irritating listening to her.  Short, pithy, to-the-point cell phone calls in waiting areas are fine, but mercy Maud, I do dislike being forced to listen to long conversations.

    There was an amusement factor provided, though, when the woman piously noted to whoever it was she'd been talking to that when it came to the affairs of the couple she'd been talking about, that was no one's business but their own.

    Apart from everyone in the waiting room of Discount Tires, of course. 

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  • My son and daughter just got home from camp and we did the bunknote thing as well. Of course while they were gone I went across the state to visit with friends so spent time every day at the library sending a bunknote, or in McDonald's with the laptop sending them. Still, it is nice to be able to have something for them everyday. I hate being subjected to other people's conversations - which should be private - on cellphones. They never speak quietly, do they? And then look at you funny as if you are trying to eavesdrop!

  • So sorry to hear about your dad.  So glad that he was a believer though and that now he is in Heaven singing for Jesus with your Don. 

    I did laugh quite a bit at your sarcastic bit with the cell phone chic.  Tooo funny!:ROTFL: I hate enduring those kinds of calls also.  I always try to handle that kind of call privately or not at all if it involves gossip.  Thanks for the laugh though

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