July 22, 2009

  • Two posts in one day.

    Dmitry received an unexpected but very welcome email from Svetlana….a photo of his Russian mother, Galina!

    Wasn’t she gorgeous in her younger days?  That HAIR!  And Dmitry bears a remarkable resemblance to her, don’t you think?   He was sweet enough to say he thought I look like her, too.  ;^)

    Kenny’s primary job today was to install a new light fixture in the kitchen.  We saw it at Lowe’s a few days ago and both of us stopped dead and stared.  It was perfect!  I’m crazy about it, and tomorrow he’s going to put a dimmer on it for me (or Friday; I have to get the dimmer first).

    The animals around here continue to amuse me considerably.  The white kitten has had its name changed, BTW.  “Eisenhower” didn’t suit him at all, so the little ear-and-neck-sucker has been renamed “Dracula.”  For a small kitten he’s always hungry, and this afternoon he clearly decided he wasn’t going to risk missing a meal:

    Dracula napped for a good while there, nestled amongst the plates and bowls.  This evening I took Max out for a walk and as he usually does, when we returned he wanted a snack of dry cat food…he loves the stuff:

    This evening Dmitry and Zhenya have gone to the latter’s Wednesday night youth group meeting, and I’m sitting on the back porch, surfing the net and watching “Mary Poppins” on the portable DVD. 

    Max is out here, too, whining like a two year old.  Darn dog. 

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  • Dmitry’s Russian mother was indeed beautiful – and there does seem to be a resemblence to you!  How wonderful that he has that picture.

    I love your new light fixture – it looks like it has Tiffany glass! 

    I remember Mary Poppins – supercalifragilisticexbealidocous – right?  Maybe?  How many times did we see that movie?  I really loved it.

    And your kitties are darling…but I don’t think cat food is good for dogs.  They do love it.  :dancingcow:

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