July 7, 2009

  • Yesterday Kenny finished putting a lovely ivy/grapes window privacy film on the sidelight next to the front door.  Wasn’t he fortunate to have such helpers?  

    This morning the Joy Fellowship, aka: the widows’ group at Christ Chapel, boarded a bus and headed for Babe’s in Roanoke, which has truly magnificent fried chicken and chicken fried steak.  The decor is certainly distinctive:

    Notice the boar’s head with the sign under it reading “Yes….I’m the ‘other’ white meat!”  Food is served on platters and in bowls (some may remember the restaurant Celebration, which did that).  Here came the server with a heaping platter of fried chicken (and this was for one table, mind!):

    There were biscuits and honey, wonderful salad, mashed potatoes, bowls of cream gravy, and creamed corn. 

    I had chicken fried steak, which was darn near perfect….not too much breading, and nearly fork tender.  Plus I still got to eat some chicken.  Hehehe!  

    It’s a ways away, being up in Roanoke, but well worth the drive, IMO.  Here’s an odd thing:  no desserts.  Just as well, undoubtedly.  Oh, and plastic bags are provided so customers can take the leftover chicken and biscuits home!  

    This impressive-looking plaque was outside the front door:

    Read it carefully! 

    After lunch we reboarded the bus and headed to Sam Moon’s.  I regret to report I spent every cent I’d taken with me on earrings, scarves, a watch, and a couple of other things.  The boldest purchase had to be one by my friend (and one of the organizers of the Joy Fellowship), Jo Helen, who bought a whatchamacallit….it’s not a full wig, just part of one:

    I tried on a hat but as usual looked perfectly awful;  I love hats but look ghastly in them (unlike my granddaughter, Bethany, who is adorable in both pork pie hats and berets):

    It got put back.  

    Tell you what, one forgets how far away Keller and such places are;  the Fort Worth skyline is barely visible from the parking lot of Sam Moon’s:

    It’s the blue bits sticking up on the horizon between the “n” and “F”.  When Dad and Mom took us for the annual vacation to Kansas and we’d return by 35W, when we were at that point we could just make out the CNB building, and would still have a good 40 minutes before getting home.  Now people live out there and work in downtown!  Amazing.

    This is simply a cute photo of Eisenhower sitting in a cardboard thingummy that came from a box; he was sitting on his tail…I’m not sure how to describe it.  He wasn’t on his haunches, as cats usually sit, but with his rear paws sticking up:

    He’d moved a bit by the time I snapped the photo, but it was awfully cute.  Never seen a cat sit like that before.

    He’s beginning to bite now, just as Magellan is getting over that.  Sheesh.

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  • ah, don’t we get a picture of what you *did* buy? I just learned about Sam Moon this year and got myself some funky necklaces. :)

  • And what about a picture of the door sidelight? :hammer:

  • You have the same problem with hats that I do, and it has as much to do with wearing glasses as anything. 

    Here are a few ideas that helped me:  first, wear the hat farther down on your forehead;  second, don’t sit it square on top of your head, but experiment with angles — mine all look better when they’re pulled down lower on the right side;  third, try to avoid hats with an up-turned brim like that one — a straight flat one or one that slopes downwards looks a lot better.

    I have one with an up-turned brim that I bought because it’s so elegant, and I get compliments when I wear it even though it’s not my best look.  In this case, I think we’re more critical of ourselves than other people are.

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