July 5, 2009

  • It was a nice Fourth.

    Who knew Zeus was a catnip freak?  I bought one of those catnip-scratcher things that one sprinkles catnip over and rubs in.  Zeus was all over it, eating it before it could be rubbed in, then rubbing herself all over it:

    Mind, all the cats love it!  Last night (I'm jumping ahead a couple of days) it was accidentally tumped over, and after all three cats fell to, this was the sight:

    Dan came over a couple of times, once with Sarah and once without;  here he is with Max:

    Magellan and Eisenhower have taken nicely to each other, and there's no doubt but that they enjoy playing together:

    I have a new camera.....a 14.7 megapixel Canon!....and on Friday night I tried it out on the fireworks display:

    And also tried out the night shot feature (along with photo editing afterward, naturally):

    Dan and Sarah came over last night before going with Joe to watch the fireworks at LaGrave Field after the Cats' game (which went into the 11th inning and the Cats lost):


    Now I'm watching the Next Food Network Star, and wondering how often the word "little" can be used in a minute;  many, many times, apparently.

    This week has a couple of events I'm looking forward to quite a bit, the first being a bus trip on Tuesday with the widows' group at CCBC....we're going to Babe's in Roanoke, which has killer fried chicken from what I hear, and then Sam Moon's, a shopping mecca.  On Wednesday is the July Women's salad luncheon, which is always fun.  Then on Thursday is choir, which I've missed for the past couple of weeks. 

    Of course, the BIG news is that next Saturday Alex, Beth and the girls return to the States from Japan!  They'll fly into Seattle then Alex flies to Millington, TN so he can process out, and that evening Beth, Hannah and Faith arrive at DFW.

    I can't wait. 

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  • Wow, sorry - gotta cut to the chase - NEXT SATURDAY!! Wowsers! You must be beside yourself. :)

    Great photos - snazzy new camera!

    But does it go under WATER???


  • It does if I buy the waterproof case for it. There's a setting for underwater shots.

    That'd be rather cool, thinking about it. :flirty:

  • Never thought I'd see it, but I had three cats (all at the same time) who didn't care a wit about catnip. They'd look at the little playball and sniff it...and walk away, tails high and proud. "Thanks, but...no thanks"

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