June 28, 2009

  • This afternoon was the first of the summer's "Back Yard" events at Christ Chapel, which featured hot dogs, chips, lemonade, and a bounce house for the kids after the 5 p.m. service.  Kenny had kindly agreed to help as well, so at 3:30 p.m. we showed up for duty, spending the next hour wrapping and stacking 500+ hot dogs, along with a few others.  Fortunately someone else handled the steamer.  Still, shoving that many hot dogs into buns and wrapping them in foil and stacking them on trays to be conveyed to the warmers set up in the Great Room (the large area outside the sanctuary) takes some doing.

    I'd gone to the 11 a.m. service (though after a restless night I fear I skipped SS and choir), but went into the afternoon service for the intense pleasure of singing "I'll Fly Away" and "Victory in Jesus", which are two of my favorites.

    Do you know, almost all those hot dogs got eaten?  There were more than enough, however, leading Dr. Kitchens to spend a little time hawking hot dogs:

    He was taken aback to discover I'd scurried off for my cell phone so as to take his picture.  He don't know me very well, do he?  The senior pastor pushing hot dogs on people definitely caught my fancy.  ;^)

    As I said, there was a bounce house that was immensely popular with the small fry:

    On July 12th will be ice cream after the afternoon service (all this is free, BTW), with another Hot Dog Event on the 26th.  It's my fond hope Alex, Beth and the girls will come to that one! 

    Today the church prayed over and "commissioned" both a young man leaving to be an Army chaplain (first one from Christ Chapel, so far as Dr. Kitchens could recall), and a team leaving for one of those "sensitive" regions west of China for a couple of weeks, up in the mountains, to villages where the gospel is unknown:

    Backpacks and inflatable kayaks are involved in this trek!  I'll certainly be praying for both the success of their mission plus travel mercies.

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