June 18, 2009

  • By golly, that's just awful.

    The US Gymnastics Championships will be in Dallas this August and having received one of those "buy your ticket now with your Visa card before they go on sale to the general public" emails, I thought I'd get a ticket to the men's competition on August 12, which would have been Don's and my 38th anniversary.

    He wouldn't have cared two hoots to go, so it's not like I'd be moaning about how much he'd love to see it.  No, he wouldn't. 

    But it's idiotic how a $35 ticket winds up being $48.50 by the time a $6.25 "convenience charge" is tacked on, along with a fee of $2.50 for the privilege of printing it out myself, plus a "processing fee". 

    It's astonishing anyone goes anywhere, considering the outrageous charges for tickets these days.

    Doggone it, I'm not paying almost 50 bucks for a $35 dollar ticket. 

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  • I wonder if my niece will be competing...maybe not, since she is doing college gymnastics this year, but she has competed on the national level. Took 13 in the nation two years ago and got an invite to tryout for the Olympics team....or she was on the Olympics team if she'd wanted to, but her goal was to win a full ride scholarship in gymnastics, and that she did accomplish, to the Uof U

    Too bad the tickets are so pricey, eh? It leaves many people right out of attending.

  • Thanks so much to a friend of mine who generously sent me the money to cover the pernicious charges and fees, so all I needed to pay was for the actual ticket. :love:

    What doubly cool is the same ticket was available...one on the aisle! :celebrate:

    I'm going to take the train to the AA Center so I don't have to worry about driving and parking. :wink-wink:

    Men's gymnastics usually takes a back seat to women's gymnastics, and I've never understood why. :question:

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