February 24, 2009

  • This afternoon was the Festive Lunch at the Taste of Europe in Arlington.  Ummm.....!

    As I said on Facebook, any day containing borscht and pelmeni is a good day. 

    Elena was in seventh heaven as her Michigan hometown doesn't have a
    Russian store like this.  She declared she was going to return home
    broke due to buying so many Russian goodies;  here are her and Joe
    checking out the CD and DVD section:


    Here are Zhenya, Dmitry, Elena and Joe, and I've no idea why Joe was looking sideways at Dmitry like that.  ;^)


    Dan took the day off so as to be able to attend, and dearest Sarah joined us too, which was so nice:


    Sarah and I drooled over the amber and garnet jewelry.  The store has
    an exquisite collection!  Alas, what with not yet having a job plus a
    severe plumbing issue to be dealt with, I could not justify purchasing
    jewelry that odds are I wouldn't wear anyway.  It was too funny, at the
    checkout stand Sarah held out to the owner two rings, seriously
    informing him she was paying for one of them.

    That rather took me aback.  She was taking two rings but only paying for one of 'em?  Wow.  I ought to try that myself.  "Here, I'm taking this, this, and that, but am only paying for that."   Sarah chuckled as she nudged me, explaining that Dan was buying her the other one.

    Ah, okay, that makes sense.  It was quite amusing - well, to me, anyway - the way it was originally put. 

    And this is just a photo of them milling around the store:


    We had a lovely time, and I took Kirstin some frozen pelmeni and meat
    blintzes (plus some pelmeni for our freezer, too) when I picked her
    kids up from school afterward.  I hope she and her family enjoy Russian
    food as much as do I!  I love it.  e-ghost

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  • What Michigan town does Elena live in?  Is it Midland?  I remember once when Cindy was here, we delivered something to a family who had adopted a child from Russia.  Is it the same family?

  • :dancingcow:

    oh, no, I clicked the dancing cow by mistake but I think I'll leave it... maybe the world will be a better place with more dancing cows.

    What I meant to say was, what a fun day that looks like!

  • It was definitely a dancing cow sort of day. :wink-wink:

    And yes, Lois, that's EXACTLY who this is! The girl you kindly delivered candy to on Dmitry's behalf. She has been stunned by the heat compared to Michigan. She's not looking forward to the snow when she returns tomorrow.

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