February 22, 2009

  • Talk about a Russian festival!

    Mom and I went to this afternoon’s Van Cliburn Piano Competition auditions (really hope the Taiwanese guy gets chosen) and when I got home, to my pleasure there was Sarah, Dan’s sweet babboo, and then my eyes fell on Elena, one of the girls from Shumerly that was adopted around the same time as Dmitry by a family in Michigan!

    She flew down this morning and Dan picked her up. Bless her sweet heart, she insisted on hanging at my house until I came home so she could see me.

    Newcomers (comparatively!) to this blog won’t know this, but the summer after Dmitry got home he and I – along with Dan and his parents and another couple of girls from their orphanage and their father – drove up to Illinois because of an adoption camp featuring girls from Shumerly, and Elena and Julia (who couldn’t spare time from college to come with Elena, darn it) came from Michigan. Anyway, that’s where I met her, and we’ve been Facebook friends for a while now.

    With Elena, Dmitry, Dan and Zhenya, the sound of Russian filled the living room. I loved it. ;^) Next Viktor showed up with yet another Elena – she’s a girl from Dmitry and Dan’s Bright Futures’ camp; like “Svetlana”, “Elena” is a common girl’s name in Russia). They took Max to the park, then headed off to Dan and Zhenya’s apartment.

    I rather feel for Sarah, being the only non-Russian-speaker in that bunch. I’m accustomed to listening to the kids chatter at each other in Russian and not knowing what’s being said, but she’s not.

    Tell you what, it’s amazing to see these beautiful children (well, they are to me, though Dan turns 21 this summer, which is hard to believe) and recall that they used to be in orphanages in Russia. Praise the LORD for His generosity in sharing them with us, and bringing them into our lives.

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  • Re your last paragraph, that’s exactly how we feel about our two little granddaughters from Guatemala.  I’m so glad they were spared having to grow up in an orphanage.  The sky is the limit for them  now.

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