January 29, 2009

  • Well, it's been two months.

    Either two loooong months or two incredibly short months, depending on how I feel at any particular moment.

    It's been a hard row to hoe but thanks to the faithful, sustaining love of Christ Jesus and His Holy Spirit, I'm here and managing alright. Life without my beloved Don has lost a lot - if not most - of its zest but still, I am bountifully and generously blessed and well I know it.

    My daily prayer now is for the LORD to make me a joyful, godly, contented widow who is a worthy witness as to His love and care for those who trust in Him.

    Instead of uselessly demanding of Him "Why?!?!" (an answer to which is not going to be forthcoming, in any case; as Warren Wiersbe said in "Why Us? When Bad Things Happen to God's People", Christians live by promises, not explanations), I thank Him for giving me the awesome gift of a happy 37 year marriage to the best man in the world, bar none.

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  • Amen to everything said, Mama! Prayers from Japan are continuos, and so much love, which will soon be able to manifest itself in person very shortly. (Lord willing!) -Alex

  • Thanks be to God. Know that you are never alone, all the same, sweetie..

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