January 21, 2009

  • The new bed's here!

    I'm looking forward to bed time tonight, that's for sure. ;^)

    Need to get a bedspread or comforter set for it, as it looks rather bare with just the sheets on it.

    The news about Boots isn't optimistic, I regret to say. The vet says she won't eat so they've had to force feed her a couple of times, there are ketones in her urine, and so far the insulin isn't bringing her sugar levels down near enough. He said he'd hoped it was just a simple case of feline diabetes but unfortunately it's a complicated case, and with her being an old cat, her prognosis isn't good. She may have to be put to sleep after all.

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  • I'm sorry about Boots, Anne. Losing a cat to disease is not the way you want them to go. However, the stress of being ill like this and being force fed is no way for a cat to live either.

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