January 20, 2009

  • You'd think I'd learn to call before I go down to get a copy of a police report. Parked blocks away, popping $1.50 in quarters, hiked to the police station, waited for ages then was told nope, not here yet....they've got 3-5 business days to get it in.

    Oh well. I'll try again later in the week.

    Having gone to the vet to talk about Boots, and to the DMV (followed by a turkeyburger at Fuddrucker's), and to the police station downtown (though it wound up being an abortive trip), and to the grocery store, I decided to keep the momentum going and took Dmitry and his car (the one that was Jessica's before we got her the Malibu) to get it inspected and the oil change.

    Two hours and four hundred bucks later, we're home. We're splitting the cost, Dmitry and I. Had some valve cover something or other replaced as it was leaking or doing whatever it is it isn't supposed to do, then threw caution - and money - to the wind by going ahead and having it tuned up (the mechanic gravely came in to show me the sorry state of the spark plugs) and the brake fluid replaced. He said the brake fluid could wait a bit longer, but even I could see how filthy it was and I tend to get nervous about brakes, so decided to have it changed.

    Spent the time (since I hadn't prepared for a long wait by bringing a book) watching the inaugural parade....first of Obama's trek from the Capitol to the White House, then the first several entries in the actual parade. One hundred and two different groups! Wow.

    Dmitry got to drive home from the Kwik Kar place there on University, and he didn't do badly, either. Tends to drive slooowly but with jack-rabbit starts, but practice will smooth that out. Before long I guess I'll have to let him actually try for a driver's license. He's so funny. Yesterday afternoon and evening Carolyn was over and they spent a fair amount of time just sitting in his car and talking. ;^)

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  • I thought he had a driver's liscense? Guess he had driver's education certificate. Oh well, good luck, Dmitry! And hang in there Anne!! It will get better!

  • He's got his learner's permit, though now he's 18 I'm not sure he really even needs that. No, he's not gotten his license yet.

    He's starting to push for it, though. :whew:

  • Wow!  Somebody's been a busy bee.  :)   Glad to hear that the car is doing well and is tuned up.  I remember I was 18 when I started learning how to drive.  Fun stuff.  I remember when you were driving me to the DMV to take the driver test, you mentioned out of nowhere that when a school bus is stopped and has the stop sign out, that doesn't just stop for a sec then go around, but that you stop completely until it goes.  When I took the written test, there were 2 questions on that very subject.  I realized after I got my score that if I had missed 2 more questions, I would've failed.  Thanks for ensuring that my knowledge of the road was mediocre enough to pass that test, Mama!  And don't worry everybody.  When I come up to those school buses, I look really carefully for children when I pass by that stop sign.  J/K!!  Love you, Mama!!

  • (that doesn't mean just stop for a sec...)  oops

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