December 29, 2008

  • A month ago today.

    Don died a month ago, on November 29.  I’m torn between “Has it been a month already?” and “Has it only been a month?” 

    Realized last night that yesterday marked six weeks since he left for Corpus Christi, and in those six weeks he only spent one night at home….the Thursday night he arrived back.  So except for that one night, he’s been mostly gone from the house for six weeks.  Feels like either six days or six years, isn’t that odd?  Doesn’t feel like six weeks.

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  • (From Alex) I absolutely feel the same way. I think that because we were in Texas and didn’t have anything going on but visiting, the days were both long and short. Long because we had to figure out day by day what to do with ourselves. Short because visiting with family is one of our favorite things to do. Love you, Mama!

  • I’m praying for you.

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