December 27, 2008

  • A couple of photos from deep in the bowels of The Closet.

    The first is Don's passport photo from February, 1981 when he was 30 years old:


    Wasn't he cute?  I'd forgotten he'd grown sort of a handlebar-style mustache, and could twirl the ends of it.  Hard to believe that was a father of four, eh?  We were going for a few days to London as part of a radio-sponsored trip.  Braniff was in trouble and there were packages going for, IIRC, about $500, including airfare and hotel (per person, of course).  I'm thinking this is the trip where he stayed on in England an additional week so he could attend a foundry conference or something, while I flew back alone.  Well, Alex was only six months old at the time, so I hadn't wanted to be gone too long in any case, but I had always been desperate to visit England.  We had a great time!

    Now this second one baffles me and I'm hoping either Mom or Jeanne can say when and where it was taken:


    I haven't the slightest idea!  e-headscratch

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  • I think that was ummmm, no, maybe umm in the 70's when we went to a fancy dance! Wow, we all looked great!!

  • You look beautiful and Don is his handsome debonair self!  You two sure got to do some traveling, didn't you?  We've been to Montreal once for a weekend when we were stationed in MA...that's the farthest and only time we've left the states. 

  • I've said this before and I'll likely say it a few times after this, but you are a very goodlooking family, you Ivy/Gambill types! My oh my. Imagine your father's pride in being seen not only with a lovely wife but with two beautiful daughters and their very handsome husbands.

    Don got one of the best passport photos known to man, I think!



  • What great picture. I love your hair : )

  • That was at the Assembly Ball we went to a year or so before Elaine's debut! 

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