November 26, 2008

  • My brother gave the basic points of today's Horror Story.

    They began steroid treatment today in the faint hope it'll shrink the inflammation (assuming there is such) and leave behind a treatable malignancy. According to the doctor, Saturday afternoon should tell the tale.

    On the plus side, barring a cardiac arrest or something, surely the next two days will be No Bad News days? Surely?

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  • Anne, I am praying that the swelling will go down and perhaps there will be no malignancy at all.


  • We'll be praying for him. And for a couple of "no bad news" days for you.

  • You be as real as you want to be. We are on your side, dear one.

  • We love you, Anne!  As hard as it must be to go through everything in writing, thank you for the updates.  My wife and I have been very concerned, but it helps to know how to pray.  You seem to be maintaining your spirits amazingly well, considering the circumstances.  You always amaze me.

  • dear Anne,

    praying for all of this situation, and asking God for a miracle. Blessings, dear sister. (HUG) I love you, and pray for you constantly.

  • Praying off and on all the time....honestly, as often as the Lord puts your husband's name in my thoughts, I'm praying. Hope this doesn't sound pious, but my goodness....prayers are so powerful. Just want you to know that even folks you don't know are holding you guys up.

    Melissa in Tennessee

  • Louis (Anne's brother) again:

    Don's condtition is terminal. The steroids did not make any difference whatsoever, and the doctors said that Don's lung are simply swallowed up with this incredibly fast-spreading cancer. As of Thursday cancer was detected in his blood while his kidneys have started failing. Alex, the son stationed in Japan, was notified and, through the good help of the Red Cross, he and his family were able to jet back home, arriving here in Fort Worth late Friday afternoon.

    Tomorrow, November 30th, Don Ivy's life support will be removed. Don has remained under heavy sedation (a medical coma), so he has not suffered.

    I know that Anne has appreciated the prayers of all. She, as well as her children, have all shown incredible courage and faith. Don Ivy led a life of faith, courage and love of family, and during these past days his children have shown that they learned their lessons well from him.


  • Correction to my post: Saturday, November 29th (not the 30th), will be the date Don is taken off life-support.

  • Dear Louis, Thank you so very very much for posting here and keeping everyone apprised of what is going on. Our prayers are with you and Anne and your families as you go through this most difficult of times.

    With love
    Cheri and Family in Colorado

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