November 13, 2008

  • Amazing how sometimes that which would generally be regarded as bad news, is received as good.

    Don has had a cough for ages, mostly in the mornings.  Over the summer it began to bother him at night as well.  Recently it's made his life miserable, so he finds it very difficult to sleep.

    He went to the doctor last week, who thought it's still most likely allergies but went ahead and gave him an antibiotic, just in case.  Helped a bit, but that's all.

    This afternoon he returned to the doctor's office with my stern admonition to "get an X-ray!" ringing in his ears.  He was gone for most of the afternoon, and as time passed my fears increased.  Lung cancer?  Surely I've read that's more of a dry cough, though.  TB?  Hmmm....that's a possibility, and I've read that it's making something of a comeback.

    He finally got home, bearing a sack full of medicines.....pneumonia.  He's got pneumonia, and apparently has had it for a while now.

    As he cheerfully put it, "That's okay!  I've had that before" (back when he was in sixth grade, IIRC).

    Thank God it's nothing worse.  e-aw

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  • I've heard it is going around, but that is pretty far. I hope he feels better very soon. He could have a bit of an allergy to the cats.

  • Wow!  What a scare!  You poor thing (and Don, too) - having to worry all day about him.  They say once you've had pneumonia, it's easier to catch it again.  I hope he recovers soon!  Tell him that Dr. Jeanne says to take ALL his medications as directed until they are All Gone!  (I'm an expert on the bleeding obvious).  Get Well Soon, Don.

  • Yeah, it's funny how the bad can be great in light of your fears. I remember how happy I was to be diagnosed with fairly severe anemia when I was pregnant with #2 -- that is I would have been happy if I'd had the energy. As it was, I was really thankful, because the simple kind of anemia I had you can fix -- that I might just be too weak to endure a pregnancy without misery or worse was a dreadful thought.

  • And best wishes to a speedy and FULL* recovery to Don!

    *Translation -- make him take care of himself! :wink-wink:

  • Hey, and interesting tidbit i just learned from a friend for all the little kids and big kids alike that have nasty colds.
    Try rubbing the soles of their tiny (or big) feet with vicks. Yes vicks! That's what I thought too when i heard it.
    Then put on a pair of nice comfy socks at bedtime and rest in peace. (Pardon the expression). Daughter tried
    it on our grandson and it worked so what the heck. It's worth a try I guess. Have a great day!! Gal from Dubai. :sleepy:

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